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A sad and lonely boy’s life is about to change!

Tommy Treetops would love to be an ordinary little boy with an ordinary sort of life. Unfortunately, his is a sad and lonely existence, especially at school, where the children who do speak to him tell him that he is a funny kid – but not in a good way.

He can only hope that one day things will improve but just then his dad loses his job and his family struggle to cope.

Just when things look bleak, Tommy has a strange encounter at the local tip. At first, it seems that the elderly gentleman he meets that day is trying to trick him. Very soon, however, things change and Tommy is about to embark on a wonderful adventure.

“She knew, too, that whatever he’d done was their fault. Somehow, their problems had become his and this was too big a burden for a nine-year-old to carry. Even worse, he was now dragging behind him an old suitcase!”

Now on release. Age from 9 years.

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