About Duncurin

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Duncurin is a small publishing firm based in Monton, Manchester.

I started writing short stories around ten years ago for several medical magazines. When these were published, it gave me the courage to pursue the hobby and write something a bit more enterprising.
Six years on and the first of my works “Crack in the Code” had been written and published, for which I am grateful to Strategic Books for giving me this fantastic opportunity. With publishing the second book, “The Last Great Gift”, also came the opportunity to start Duncurin Publishing. This not only allowed me the freedom to explore my interest in writing books, but also allowed more flexible marketing and management.

Although I am not anticipating retirement any time soon, it cetainly is a fascinating hobby, which I hope will remain into the future.

Thank you for your interest in Duncurin Publishing and its associated works.
Please explore the site for more information on current books and also some details of the next work in progress.