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Not unlike you, I suspect, I have an interest in modelling naval vessels. Our house steadily filled with HMS Hood, Prince of Wales, Bismarck and many, many others. One day my wife took me to one side and informed me that my models had taken over the whole house and in a bout of brutal frankness told me that she thought that they were just dust collectors. Looking round, I had to agree that there was some truth in what she had said.

Rather than send them all to the tip, however, I started to look for a solution. Cases available from model shops were very, very expensive and were somewhat limited in their features. I decided to create my own range of exclusive, well-featured cases but at a reasonable price.

This is our plan:



A small family firm. Made in England 

Solid hardwood bases in oak and cherry with maple, ash and walnut to come.

Sizes will vary but typically will be not less than 60 cms and 80 cms long internally with larger cases to come.

Thickness of the bases varies from 19mm to 25 mm depending on the wood, size of plinth chosen.

Three further options will be available: no lighting, mains-powered 12v lighting, rechargeable lighting with state of the art Lithium Polymer batteries and electronics all embedded within the bases.

Low-heat LED arrays will form the lighting segments which will run cool and should provide a long life.

All will be fully guaranteed, including the circuitry and LED arrays.

Please note, because we are a small firm, supply will be limited we estimate about one or two a week. Cases will be available from Duncurin, selected model shops and possibly eBay.


Medium Cases 

Large Cases 

Commissions and Bespoke Projects 

Concept Cases

Power Options 

Manual and Case Guide

Thank you once again for your interest. We are now in production. We’ll post prices soon. If you would like to receive more information please feel free to email us at Your details will be held confidentially at all times, never passed to third parties and will solely be used to inform you when more details come available.

You may also wish to look at our concept cases which have been made as on-offs and may go into production in the future.

Thank you again,