Dawn Over Vancouver

Dawn Over Vancouver


More than we might suppose.

Read about the medical centre on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal where, it seems, just about everyone has a secret. The trick, as some have already found out, is to protect one’s own, whilst using any means to discover another’s. Some will go to any lengths in order to uncover what others are desperate to protect, and then to use this information to fuel their lust for money, for power – or just to get even.

One person has a secret of far greater significance than all others, and this person remains anonymous whilst their true identity remains hidden, allowing them to covertly assist those who find themselves in dire circumstances, just when they are most in need. Unfortunately, they’ve underestimated what depths others are prepared to plumb, and it comes down to a simple but heart-breaking choice: say nothing and disappear, or reveal themselves and unwittingly gain knowledge of the ultimate secret – just what are the things that are even worse than death?


Dawn over Vancouver book

Dawn Over Vancouver

“When asked later, nobody present that day would ever have believed they could be more shocked in their lives, but one more revelation, one that it was as momentous as it was unexpected, awaited them , while they hung on in that withering environment, with each second holding more and more distress and despair for the poor man, who was now sobbing with grief at the thought of his wife being harmed in this way.” 


262 Pages

ISBN: Paperback = 978-09570982-3-7, eBook = 978-09570982-2-0



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