Final Horizon

Final Horizon

This is the first novel in the ‘Horizon’ series of books.



Horizon is a covert organisation, which provides unambiguous solutions for those tho find themselves in dire circumstances and are about to lose everything. Just when all seems lost and disaster beckons the furtive team intervene, using whatever means necessary, to retrieve a bleak situation.

Horizon takes on these missions, guaranteeing a favourable outcome for those who have nowhere else to turn.

A case is accepted with great reluctance and much against their better judgement. This soon goes badly awry, risking not only failure but also disastrous public exposure for the whole organisation. Just when the situation appears irretrievable, a desperate strategy is put into place, which jeopardises not only the entire mission, but in addition the lives of several members of the team as well as the person they’ve been tasked to save.

“The shooter closed her eyes, but briefly, as if summoning the inner calm needed both to bond with her rifle, and its deadly payload, but also to align her whole body with the action that was being asked of it. She took a deep inhalation, that seemed to last an age; then her pretty eyes stared wide, now with deadly intent, as the exhalation came. Finally she squeezed the precision trigger with one smooth unfaltering movement.”

208 Pages

ISBN Paperback = 978-09570982-9-9, eBook = 978-09570982-8-2



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