Final Request

Final Request


This is the second book about the secretive organisation known as Horizon.

Miss Clancy is a beautiful, yet deadly woman with a tragic past; she is the most skilled of the elite team.

Tim is one of the latest recruits, a young man who shows great potential but who is let down by his obvious infatuation for Miss Clancy. When Horizon are hired to free the daughter of a rich African, Clancy places Tim in a central role, hoping that it will give him and the other agents confidence in his abilities and secure his place in the team.

Although initially things go well and Tim justifies the faith she has shown in him, events soon begin to turn against them. Old and new foes unite in order to strike back at the elite force who find that not only has each mission been compromised but also that they are being targeted by paid assassins who are always one step ahead.

As the body count climbs, Clancy is under intense pressure to solve the puzzle as to how the team have been betrayed and by whom – before more people die. It is only by confronting the horrors from her past that she is able to make any headway and then it comes down to a simple question in the shattering finale, of whether she can save not only herself, but also her colleagues before they are annihilated by a brutal force tasked simply to erase them all.

“His car appeared right on time. The two minders opened the car doors to allow the couple to enter. Just as they did so, sniper fire was aimed repeatedly at the armoured limousine. The incoming shellfire was difficult to locate; some appeared to be coming from the opposite bank of the river but the report seemed to be coming from behind them, from the city centre. They realised that even accurate sniper fire like this could not penetrate the armoured protection of the limousine. As a precaution, however, they advised their boss to leave the city and head for his safe house deep in the country. In that instant they sealed his fate….he would suddenly collapse. It had all the appearances of a heart attack. the minders did their best to perform CPR, but he was now at least half an hour out of the city, together with the equipment that might, just, have saved his life.” 


290 Pages

ISBN Paperback = 978-0-9935169-0-0, eBook = 978-09935169-1-7



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