One Life Many Moments

One Life Many Moments


As an excited young man, my father, like just about everyone else, ran down to the sea front at Cape Town, in 1923, to catch a glimpse of HMS Hood, the most beautiful and most powerful ‘battleship’ that the world had seen. It was almost an invitation to a better land. Many years later he told me, when I was a youngster, that everyone was amazed at who could have built such a ship and then sent it around the world for the view of others.

This was not the first time that he had come across British manufacturing. A short time before HMS Hood’s visit a member of their leisure club had broken one of the snooker cues. They waited weeks and weeks for a replacement to be shipped from the greatest manufacturing nation on the planet and in due course their parcel came – from London!

A few years later, then as a seventeen-year-old, who was desperate to study medicine and escape the cruel strictures of full-on apartheid, it was clear where his future lay.

He never looked back and was amazed at the people, and their way of living, that he found on arriving in Edinburgh, not that far from the yard that had built battle cruiser Hood. I am sorry that British people cannot see themselves through his eyes, perhaps just for a day, as they would and should be very proud of the people they would then see and also their contribution not only to the home nation but across the wider world.

The perceptive among you will realise that his origins did not begin in South Africa but much further afield, in fact on the other side of the world.

This book, then, is about something of that story and the wonderful people, patients and friends that he and I have been honoured to have known and work with throughout this time in Britain and in Manchester particularly. It’s dedicated to all those wonderful patients that I have known in this time as a GP and more than a few of these, if he were here, my father would still recognise. We do hope that you will enjoy something of the journey and the story within


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