Stars’ End

Stars’ End

This is the sequel to ‘Crack In The Code’


Matt nearly accepts her tantalising offer: to remain in paradise and retire, without a care in the world. In the weeks ahead he would come to regret his decision to return: for in doing so he faces the person determined to destroy him. It soon becomes apparent that the initial attack, he survives, is nothing more than a diversion for the real game plan that now threatens both him and Fabienne. Only when safety seems assured, is the final twist put into place, and the couple now realise that they are in extreme danger from a brutal and intelligent tactician, who always seems one step ahead and who is totally bent on their destruction.


Stars End book

Stars’ End

“At first he was aware of the loud sirens, the violent banging on the front door, but then these things became quiet. The klaxons and the splintering of the doorframe were the last things he heard. Absolute quiet, with no birds in the branches or the rustle of the wind; not even the sound of breathing or the sobs of despair. A bright light descended and appeared directed towards him. Time disengaged: he was now heading for a place where time was irrelevant since it had never begun and therefore had no end. He looked back with some pain: the young woman pressing furiously on his chest, but she’d spent too long on trying mouth to mouth. The compressions, when they came, were too high up his breastbone to provide any output at all from a heart that had ceased to beat. She looked up and he saw her mouth open to emit a scream that he could no longer hear. He wondered if she had looked straight at him in that moment as she wept and her own heart shrieked with despair..”


208 Pages


ISBN: Paperback 978-09570982-5-1, eBook 978-09570982-4-4



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