The Last Great Gift

The Last Great Gift


Dr James Smith is faced with a patient who is determined to end her own life. He discovers, too late, that nothing is simple, nothing can be taken for granted and that no-one, not even him, is safe from forces that have already claimed three lives.

He realises that if he is to stand a chance of protecting her, he will have to risk everything on a desperate strategy that will imperil their lives and, ultimately, expose him to the question of exactly what price would he be prepared to pay in order to save her.


The last great gift novel

The Last Great Gift

“Celestial bodies that had been in constant movement, since their formation in the swirling dusts of space billions of years before, fell into alignment at precisely this moment – dictated since time began. Mrs Smith had foreseen that this point would arrive but had been unable to see beyond it. Had she been here, she would have wanted to tell him that no Mother could love a son more and that there was nothing he could do that would lessen the pride in him that she would hold forever.

Melanie’s father would have wanted her to know that he was deeply sorry if she had ever felt that she was  loved any less than her sister; he had been bedazzled by a very bright light, but he should never have lost sight of the fact that there were others in close proximity who were no less worthy. 

Only the gypsy had seen past this conjunction and the tears that she shed now, were all for Dr Smith.”


333 Pages


ISBN : Paperback = 978-09570982-1-3



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